The first stage of CLL for the 2x2x2 consists of and permutation) as in the Layer -By-Layer method. Then. Speedcubing Algorithms for CLL, EG-1 and EG Sune Cases. R U R’ U R U2 R’. U’ L’ U R2 U’ L U2 R’ U’ R2. R U’ L’ U R’ U’ L. U’ B’ U L2 F2 U F’. U2 F R2. Also, is it best to learn CLL one set at a time? By that I mean is it most efficient to learn the Sune algs, then Antisune, then T, and so on?.

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So what is the HD Method exactly?

If you’re still stuck have a look at Chris Olson’s “How to get sub-x” for 2×2 playlist. I understand hesitations of the method, I hope this provides some context as to why the method was created as well as assist in the understanding of the method as a whole. You do not need to solve a layer–just the face. Here is a link to the HD Method Guideit includes a linked algsheet and goes into much more detail than what’s given here. Then for the CLL algs themselves, drill them and try to get them all or most sub 1.

2×2 cll algs in pdf format? | SpeedSolving Puzzles Community

Berd Member Apr 8, PenguinsDontFly Member Aug 28, Wiki tools Special pages. While there are officially 3 steps, it really algofithms down to 2 and the second step has almost instant recognition for advanced users. Including my previous example solves, average is Aerma Member Jul 10, One-looking is feasible, usually, you only have to look ahead 5 or 6 moves to the NLL.


How To Improve at 3x3x3? It must directly relate to the content of your post.

The method is broken into three steps. It has just as many algorithms and less moves. At this point, I have roughly 30 new algs to learn and can realistically accomplish that in about three weeks, but what do I do in those three weeks?

CLL — Cyotheking

Recognition is this call time? You must log in or register to reply here. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. This step is very easy and only requires a few moves. So you should be able to sub 1 it quite easily.

HD Method (2×2, alternative to CLL+)

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It is pretty easy to do and makes this step even more efficient. Case 3 and 6 are the same Sledgehammer. Like I said, I’m not in any rush to learn.


Thank you to everyone for there concerns and I am more than happy to discuss the method further! You lagorithms currently viewing our forum as a guest which gives you limited access to join discussions and access our other features. I recommend this order: For two of them, you can use PLLs that work on the 3×3. Or should I put the timer away algorighms three weeks, learn full CLL, then start timing again?

2×2 cll algs in pdf format?

Joined Feb 14, Messages Likes Face 1 The first step is to just solve any face. This method is also named the Waterman method after the s master cuber Marc Waterman agorithms the Netherlands who was using it for his corners first method on 3x3x3 back then the Waterman documentation.

Joined Mar 12, Messages 1 Likes 0. Last edited by a moderator: If you can already orient corners in one step on the 3×3, you will already have an alg for this step, but since you can ignore edges and centers there are nonewe can use some shorter algs than usual. His website has everything you could ever want in terms of 2×2 information and algs. Once you can do these 2 things, just spam solves to improve your recognition.