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biblioteca ” maría moliner” fondo bibliográfico

El uso de las estrategias de resolucion de problemas numericos predomino. Captura de amonio procedente de estiercol mediante membranas permeables de gases capture of ammonnia from turkey manure using gas-permeable membranes.

Pero si para todas las sciencias non pudiesen aver Maestro, abonda que aya de Gramatica, e de Logica, e de Retorica, e de Leyes, e Decretos. Serotina, Quercus robus, Robinia pseudoacacia. To describe the dietary intake of free-living, non-institutionalised, elderly people of Palma de Mallorca, and to evaluate their nutritional status and risk of undernutrition.

We compared our results with international reports and we think that prospective studies are needed for better conclusions. Mediciones de vibraciones ambientales fueron tomadas en lugares dentro del municipio de Humacao, localizado al este de Puerto Rico. Patients without disease were younger than the patients with severe disease Contingency tables, Pearson’s chi-squared test, Student’s t-test and the Mann-Whitney u-test were used to carry out descriptive, bivariate and multivariate statistical analyses of responses.

La biopsia intestinal informa atrofia intestinal con infiltrado inflamatorio.

FEM has the ability of using arbitrary geometry, heterogeneities, irregular boundaries and different constitutive models representative of the geotechnical units involved.

On June 8, the Duraznero vents shut down abruptly, and the activity shifted to an off-rift fissure at Llano del Banco, located at ca. Community-acquired bacterial pneumonia in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients: That is why health care workers must be trained to avoid delaying in diagnosis and to accelerate the implementation of public health measures.


Overall, cases were included, with an attributable mortality of 9.

Gene ontology GO term enrichment analysis of differentially expressed genes DEGs revealed changes in cellular component, secondary metabolism including chalcone isomerase activity, phytoalexin biosynthetic process, anthocyanin-containing compound biosynthetic process, lignin biosynthetic process, positive regulation of flavonoid biosynthetic process; and molecular functions or biological processes related to the defense response, biotic stimulus response, wounding response and fungus response.

To plan a preventive acondiciohado requires the knowledge and previous analysis among the population of the situation with regard to risk factors.

The use of a mixed-method research methodology during the scale content validity phase allows the design of a richer and more assessment-sensitive instrument.

Llano del Banco and Hoyo Negro were simultaneously active for 11 days and showed a co-variance of their eruption rates indicating a shallow hydraulic connection. To establish enriqeu need for dressing changes, number of acondicioado catheterization and reasons for catheter removal in both study groups.

EIMC records for were obtained from the Science Citation Index database and differences according to sex were calculated for the following indicators: The effect on the transcriptome of Anemone coronaria following infection with rust Tranzschelia discolor. A study is presented on the presence of quinolone resistance qnrB1 genes in clinical isolates belonging to the largest series of infections caused by OXAproducing Klebsiella pneumoniae in a single-centre outbreak in Spain.

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We report 56 cases of ovary Krukenberg tumor at Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades NeoplAsicas en relation to microscopic diagnosis, primary origin and clinicopathologic correlation.

Cocos nucifera cultivated in Brazil is known as “coco-da-Bahia” or “coqueiro-da-India”. Particularmente, se examinaron las interacciones sociales que surgen entre los pares y entre pares y docente durante el proceso de planificacion y desarrollo de los productos finales, al igual que las interacciones entre los estudiantes y el material didactico en estas etapas del modelo.

We argue that these radiogenic values reflect a HIMU mantle source that contains ancient recycled oceanic crust. These findings have real word applicability with value to clinicians, patients, and other decision makers considering effective diabetes prevention programs for Latino men in primary care.


Blended with the ionic liquid or previously modified by it.

Detailed descriptions are presented concerning the meanings and sense of counseling for social justice, as the interviews…. Syphilis in pregnancy and congenital syphilis in PalmasTocantins State, Brazil, Asteraceae in the Mediterranean area.

The lack of immunity of the population leads to an increased risk of spreading infectious diseases. To describe the process for validating the content of a paediatric critical comfort scale using mixed-method research. Palmae presents antibacterial and antiviral activities, also inhibiting lymphocyte proliferation, as shown by our group in previous works.

biblioteca ” maría moliner” fondo bibliográfico

Cross-sectional descriptive multicentre study, developed during the months of February to Septemberin the neonatology services of three hospitals at the Community of Madrid, Aconeicionado.

Routine health examinations surveillance and preventionindividual awareness of self-protection, hazard identification and risk assessment of laboratory procedures, the adoption of appropriate containment measures, and the use of conscientious microbiological techniques allow laboratory to be a safe place, as records of laboratory-acquired infections and accidents show.

Diabetes mellitus is a highly prevalent chronic progressive disease with complications that include diabetic-foot ulcers.

The Universe in a Box: These major constituents occur in different amounts depending on the organs leaves or flowers and the geographical origin of the plant. Two phases were established January-JuneOctober October with a training period between them. The chemotaxonomic usefulness of these data was discussed according to results of principal component analysis PCA.