دراسة في طبيعة المجتمع العراقي A Study of the Nature of Iraqi Society. by علي الوردي Ali al Wardi · Paperback. $$ In stock on August 28, Books shelved as ali-alwardi: خوارق اللاشعور by علي الوردي, شخصية الفرد العراقي by علي الوردي, مهزلة العقل البشري by علي الوردي, منطق ابن خلدون by علي ال. Ali al-Wardi is the author of Social Glimpses of Modern Iraqi History ( avg rating, 4 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) Ali al-Wardi’s books. Ali al-Wardi.

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The course of human society, he believed, was the alwwrdi of an intense competition that compels people to create and excel, and that human development and progress are achieved through the alwqrdi of the numerous victims who fail in life but on whose shoulders the success of others is built.

It stems from and develops within the confines of society, whereby the initial group among which a child is reared, plays an important part in shaping his personality.

Ali Al-Wardi

Alwaardi far as Al-Wardi is concerned, personality is the centre-point of human nature; a mystery that the world has so far failed to unravel.

The old logic therefore applies neither to the past nor to the present era.

One of the negative aspects of rationalism is that it is also a product of the prevailing social culture in which human beings are reared, and through which their mental abilities develop. Historypsychologyparapsychology. Mannheim also believes that the truth exists beyond the human mind and has several facets, which is why the mind does not have a complete picture of it.

Born in KadhimiyaBaghdad into a religious and a very traditional family. Therefore, we should, like Jurgen Habermas said, turn our attention to the critical communicative mind that forged human civilization, because the world we live in is not such a sham.


The old logic relied on the absolute truth in all things because it believed that truth was static, self sustaining and separate from objective circumstances and social relations.

For Al-Wardi, although the ancient philosophers saw Man as a rational animal, we have now come to realize that Man is not, in fact, bookss rational as rationalist Greek philosophy portrayed him to be. If motives are internal mental states that regulate behaviour and give it meaning, then the rationality of a certain act could be ascertained in light of the motive that lies behind it, and offers an explanation for it. If a human being is born and raised among the animals he becomes an animal like them.

If human behaviour is to be understood, it is necessary to understand what motivates it. Your email address will not be published.

-Your Source for Arabic Books: Writings by Dr. Ali al-Wardi: د. علي الوردي

Freud said that this was not just a superficial phenomenon. Thus, if someone proposes a religion to him that his mind does not like, he has no choice but to reject it. Over a century ago, people believed that the earth was flat until science proved that it is round and revolves around the sun. This is why they presented logical explanations for all human behaviour, based on consciousness and thought and its logical justification.

This allowed him to free himself of Aristotelian shackles, and to embark on a new path that helped him understand social life as it really was. The mind thinks within the confines of a number of parameters and information that the individual learns in society, which is why Man is unable to ascertain the major realities of the universe. However, in few years travelled to the United States to attain his Masters and Ph.

Ali al-Wardi (Author of Social Glimpses of Modern Iraqi History)

Most often, his thoughts revolve around endorsing this doctrine, and it is rare that an individual changes his beliefs based on pure thought alone. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Al-Wardi said that Man is an animal before being a human being, and was endowed by a number of aoi factors chief among which is the mind.


This means that there is no absolute truth, but relative truths that change according to time and place. Breastfed by a doe, he grew up alone on the island until he became a grown man. Rather than a natural gift, personality is an acquired, particularly human characteristic, which Man inherits from his fathers and forefathers.

The disasters that plagued the 20th century, including the two world wars, civil wars, colonialism and environmental disasters are but a result of this irrational control over the world. Only 1 left in stock – order soon. All Formats Paperback Sort by: This also applies to the human mind; it does not feel the weight of the mental framework constraining it, except if it moves to another society and culture.

It is high time for us to stage a coup in the way we think.

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Use of this site signifies your acceptance of legal Terms of use and Privacy Policy. This mental framework is drawn from society that imposes on the human boks a specific set of social and cultural rules and values; if anyone violates these rules and values, feelings of aggression are generated because of the deeply embedded believe that truth and justice is on its side. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.