Iqbal tried to invoke in the Muslims a collective ego, beyond the ego of the self, that could enable a collection of men as large as 70 million to. Allahabad Address []. Muslim leaders at Allahabad, ` Allama Iqbal defined the Muslims of India as a nation and suggested that there could be no. Allama Iqbal Address on at Allahabad. Importance In his Presidential Address, Allama labal said: ”I would like to see the Punjab.

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It is not mere experience in the sense of a purely biological event, happening inside the experient and necessitating no reactions on its social environment. Without partition, establishment of peace and order in this land is addeess nevertheless they can pass their lives with peace. Views Read Edit View history. You are a Muslim assembly and, I suppose, anxious to remain true to the spirit and ideals of Islam.

Conclusion As a permanent solution of the problems was that division of continent was essential in the sight of Iqbal that is why Allama Iqbal presented his ideas in this speech. But as a layman I feel that the argument, as stated, assumes the process to be practically endless.

In your own interest, as a political entity among other political entities of India, such an equipment is an absolute necessity.

The pundits of England, on the other hand, realising that democracy in the Centre tends to work contrary to their interests and is likely to absorb the whole power now wllama their hands, in case a further advance is made towards responsible government, have shifted the experience of democracy from the Centre to the provinces. The only practical course is not to assume the existence of a state of things which does not exist, but to recognise facts as they are, and to exploit them to our greatest advantage.


India is a continent of human groups belonging to the different races, speaking different languages, and professing different religions.

Allahabad Address ()

As things are, there is a block on the line of constitutional advance. Iqbal got the title of SIR in in recognition of his intellectual work. Islamic Excursions Among the Converted Peoples. And since 70 millions of Muslims in single country constitute a far more valuable asset to Iwbal than all the countries of Muslim Asia put together, we must look at the Indian problem not only from the Muslim point of view but also from the standpoint of the Indian Muslim as such.

To Islam, matter is spirit realising itself in space and time.

The Idea of separate Homeland based on many issues, the first was the decline and degeneration of the Muslims. Iqbal also addresses how it was “painful to observe” the failed attempts to “discover such a principle of internal harmony”. This qllama makes it possible for individuals and groups to start independent careers without contributing to the general thought and activity of the community.

This constant contact with the spirit of Islam, as it unfolds itself in time, has, I think, given me a kind of insight into its significance as a world fact.

Political allahxbad took an ominous turn. Unless the Muslims are considered as a nation and their rights are protected, it is impossible to establish peace and order in the land. According to the Congress, the British had consciously created splits and divisions, therefore it was an artificial issue which should not be emphasized.

It is a very living and practical problem calculated to affect the very fabric of Islam as a system of life allsma conduct.

We have a duty towards India where we are destined to live and die. He said in his Presidential Address:. However, his focus was on primarily Allahahad of this region when he dealt with the political or the constitutional issues of India. The views expressed by the lqbal are purely their own and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Story Of Pakistan. There are communalisms and communalisms.


In this address Iqbal outlined a vision of an independent state for Muslim-majority provinces in northwestern India, thus becoming the first politician to articulate what would become known as the Two-nation theory —that Muslims are a distinct nation and thus deserve political independence from other regions and communities of India.

Allahabad Address

I cannot, however, understand why the Government of India, having recognised the legitimacy of the Muslim grievances, have not had the courage to recommend a statutory majority for the Muslims in the Punjab and Bengal. Allama Iqbal defined the Muslims of India as a nation and suggested that there could be no possibility of peace in the country unless and until they were recognized as a nation and under a federal system, the Muslim majority units were given the same privileges which were to be given to the Hindu majority units.

On the other, the British government in India in the course of observations on the Simon Commission report ignored the Muslim demands. I have already indicated to you the meaning of the word religion, as applied to Islam.

A community which is inspired by feelings of ill-will towards other communities is low and ignoble.

Allahabad Address 1930

I do not know what will be the final fate of the national idea in the world of Islam. At critical moments in their history it is Islam that has saved Muslims and not vice versa. Government of India Act