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Within a year he sold 10, copies; the next year aroundWith no additional promotion, print sales picked up immediately.

By he had sold a total of a million copies of multiple titles. Learn how to market your books here: Welcome to All Books Freea website devoted to allboosfree away free novels, children’s books, short story collections, and poetry books.

But if you buy books this way you’re bound to miss out on a lot of exciting discoveries. Haven’t we seen movies, laundry detergents, expensive cosmetic lines, perfumes and just about every other frigging product in rk world use free samples to get the consumer thinking about your product? When you click on a link, you’ll be taken to the author’s or publisher’s website to download the book for free, generally as an Adobe PDF file that you can keep and read at your leisure.


Anyone who really wanted the book will buy the book. After he found another publisher, Coelho took a radical step.

E-Books – A Drop of Information for You

Haven’t enough writers proved it not only helps introduce allbookstree readers to the writers but that it does the opposite of cannibalizing sales? On his own Web site, he posted a digital Russian copy of The Alchemist. If it spreads, you can use it as a vehicle to allow people to come allboolsfree to you and register, to sign up, to give you permission to interact and to keep them in the loop.

The authors and publishers are providing the books for free download as a way to get the word out about their wonderful books. Please support them by telling others about their books. See also our website devoted to free nonfiction books.

It spurs them on. If you like the books you read this way, please tell your friends about the books.


Today, Coelho’s sales in Russian alone are over 10 million copies and growing. Click here for Free Books for All.


Science fiction novelist Cory Doctorow makes all his books available free via his website. Inbestselling author Paulo Coelho sold only about 1, books, so his Russian publisher dropped him. BoxTaos NM With so many books to buy, I wind up with choice fatigue and all too often end up buying the safe bet – the book by the author I’ve read before allbooksfref I’m sure will offer a satisfying read and passing over new books by authors I haven’t heard of even if they look interesting because I can’t buy everything and I can’t afford to make many mistakes.

But there are so many more people who think, ‘Hmmm, it looks interesting, but I’m not sure.