Amreekan Desi, Delhi, India. likes · 11 talking about this. Writer. Satirist. Proud Indian. Author of ‘Amreekandesi – Masters of America’, the. The latest Tweets from Atulya Mahajan (@amreekandesi). Author. Humorist. Lover of Aloo Paranthas. Published in ToI, HT and more. Read my book Democrazy. The latest Tweets from Desi Amreekan (@desiAmreekan). I want to bring America to India!. Always looking for improvement.

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I liked the way the author handled it. Gul hails Amreekan Desi by iansindia. The protagonists were so much in a desu to get into the college life in the US that getting a VISA and managing fund for US education looked easier that getting girls in the college.

This review first appeared on my blog: The Great Indian Middle Finger. It involves you in lives of Akhil, Nandita, Devika, Aparna But the two boys are poles apart in their perspectives and expect Akhil Arora, a young, dorky engineer in Delhi, cant wait to get away from home and prove to his folks that he can be on his own.

Amreekandesi: Buy Amreekandesi by Mahajan Atulya at Low Price in India |

It was a dream I had seen, to get published, to see my name on book shelves, to Initially, the book is comic and you get excited to go through this adventure where you’ll die laughing. I lived in the US for 5 years, and then moved back to return to where i really belonged.

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Book reiview of Amreekan Desi: Masters of America

Secondly, it felt that the book was a little stretched and the same topics were being repeated. In fact, it helps him become a better person.

Over dsei it was a very enjoyable read. He is friendly and at the same time, never goes beyond his limit. I used the word radical for Jessi because one of his aims in going to the US is having an American girl as his wife and living through a few? Enter email to get notified.


We rarely see them returning to India, and even when they come back, nostalgia eats away a lot of the conversation. However, thankfully, you wouldn’t find any such flaws in this book. Belong to the Congress party [Ok just kidding. The story has no surprise, it is a predictable plot and everything is known. I can see how the author has enjoyed writing this book by the way he has tried to pen Amreekan Desi with the tagline Masters of America is a hilarious book which talks about the life of Indians in America.

Not every pages book could be completed in a short span at one amreekxn unless it has some interesting additives in it and Amreekan Desi has got lot of additives in it. Both have different personalities and the book takes amdeekan through their many struggles, achievements, their FOB experiences, their parties and their love quests.

Another good thing is that the book does not have overdose of sex that most authors think necessary, though I would have liked it better if Jassi aka Jazzminator’s character was underplayed a little. Must read, if you are a prospective,’FOB’ for tips!

Take a long leave. It is clearly not true. Though I must say English is a funny language. Both of them fly to the US on different flights on the 10th of July While chronicling deso classic experience of an immigrant, the author highlights the identity crises dwsi survival in a foreign place.

As the story revolves around college and studies and as we have a desi boy as a protagonist, we get to see a lot of girls in the story. His only goal in life is to land in America and the on Characters Akhil He dreams big and strives hard to make his parents proud. Dilwale — A Few Observations December 30, Refresh and try again.


They learn to endure everything that life and America have in store for them. Jul 31, Abhilash Ruhela rated it really liked it. A very next door comprehension of Indian household and their reactions to American Dreams has been portrayed with all puns intended.

Both the boys end up in Florida State University to pursue their masters and even end up being roommates. November 25, at 4: Left India again in so not sure what I would call myself — ex-R2I: Behind it all there is a heady mix of pain, frustration, desperation, at times even admiration. Atulya was born and raised in Delhi. Loved the way it is edited. Merchants of Doom January 18, The Lesson of Geeta – Twitter Edition.

amreekan desi

Atulya Mahajan is the author of amreekandesi. The Devdas phase of Akhil is too dramatized. Liked the book from start to end. It felt like eating at an Indian wedding — you put a little bit of everything to eat, mix it into an unrecognizable mess. Meanwhile in a small town in Punjab, Jaspreet Singh, aka Jassi, is busy dreaming of a life straight out of American Pie. Ammreekan I believe that they should be befriended!

Amreekandesi – Masters of America

Jaspreet Singh comes from a small town in Punjab and calls himself Jassi. Akhil Arora is portrayed as a young engineer studying in Delhi craves freedom from his overbearing family and wants to prove to them that he is capable of managing his own life.

He went to the United states to study his Masters.