Latest APPSC Junior Lecturers (JL) Posts Notification we quoted this upcoming Appsc JL notification as “Mega JL Notification”. We have updated the APPSC JL Syllabus Pdf for candidate’s reference. Therefore, applicants looking for the Syllabus for the Junior Lecturer Posts can. Why this Super APPSC JL Notification is going to process? In our AP a complete of Govt Younger universities are there in that 2 lakh learners are.

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Nutritional aspects of Fungi Saprophytism, parasitism, Symbiosis. I am completed m. The study of the following eight trends of the history of Hindi Literature. The theory of comparative costs; Recardian Hockseher Ohlin; the balance of payments and the adjustment mechanism.

Rights and Duties, Law, Liberty and Equality. Specialist Officer Final Merit List. Nitroge, Metabolism and bio, synthesis of proteins Nitrogen fixation, Nitrogen cycle, Physical and biological Nitrogen assimilation Amino acid, metabolism, Biosynthesis of proteins.

Implications for financial resources of state government. Nomenclature and classification, structure and composition, Mode of enzyme action, Factors affecting. A General study of the first transition series. Homospory, Heterospory and Origin of Seed.


APPSC Junior Lecturer Recruitment 2017 – 1502 Junior Lecturer (JL) Posts

Mental ability — reasoning and inferences. Prem Margi Shakha 3. Quality, addition and subtraction, multiplication of matrices, inverse of a matrices, similarity and unitary transformation Characteristic equation of a matrix Eigen values — Eigen vectors Square, diagonal, unit, symmetric, and skewmatrix-Hermitian and unitary matrix.

Geography of Notificatin with a focus on Andhra Pradesh.

Political history, administration, social and economic conditions, growth of culture, decline of the empire. Recent Aspects of Botany: Thanx a lot once again, Regards, govt appwc.

APPSC APPSC JL Previous Year Question Papers |

Gregorious Edu-Guidance is a leading education consultancy services providing exemplary service to students all over India. Rise and growth of the Indian National Movement: Sir UGC net compleseri please tell me.

Modes of reproduction Sexual and Asexual. Harsha vardhana, Pallavas and Chalukyas, their political history and their contribution to culture. Personnel Officer Certificates Verification List.

Identification of backward regions and the problems of regional development with special reference j, Andhra Pradesh. General Characters of fungi. Origin and development of Devanagari script and its role in standardization of Hindi language. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Written Result – Geologists Exam Ram Bhakti Shakha 4. Iam completed MBA…iam eligible for applying junior lecturer sir.


Arms Control and Disarmament.

Appsc JL GS Previous papers | JL Previous papers

Cultivation, economic importance, systematic position and morphology of the following plants. General account of the following main groups. Excretory system in Annelida, Coelome formation.

Environmental pollution Water, soil, air health hazards and control. General Science — Contemporary developments in Science and Technology and their implications including matters of every day observation and experience, as may be expected of a well-educated person who has not made a special study of any scientific discipline.

Origin and evolution of land plants. Definition, Characterisation, Chemistry, Ultrasturcture, Composition, replication, Bacteriaphages, transmission of plant viruses, Importance. General characters, morphology, reproduction, phylogeny, affinities etc.