Download manuals for APV pumps, heat exchangers and homogenizers here. As one of the most energy intensive processes used in the dairy, food and chemical .. The reader is referred to the APV Corrosion Handbook, as well as the. pigments to proteins, as well as minerals to dairy products. Because of the spectrum of duties required, there is a great variety of dryers available. The.

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These enjoy the advantage of obtaining elevated temperatures without the need for high pressure operation, as may be required with conventional steam heating. On the smaller inspection doors, a special tool can be procured from APV. If deposits are seen on the upper half of the chamber daiiry, the vane angle is too far away from vertical.

The faster the rotational speed, the wider the spray angle becomes. If the powder cooling duct just after the venturi is hot all around, this indicates that too much hot cyclone air is being drawn into the cooling duct.

Dairh principle disadvantage in spray drying is that there is very little adjustment of possible flow rate without changing the powder properties or shutting down to change the nozzle set-up. The outer edge of the wheel must remain smooth and uniform, hence the cup wheel must be handled carefully during cleaning to avoid dair.

Powder deposits can be another indication of a leak, which should be corrected. Current developments of this type of equipment include techniques for the simultaneous evaporation of water and the granulation of solids. The principle sources of thermal energy are oil, gas and coal. Figure 2, shows how a high-performance dryer can produce lbs kg of dried material in a 24 hour period, at a terminal figure of 0.

The higher the ambient humidity, the stickier the powder handhook. Before start-up, the loop is purged with auxiliary steam, either from the factory supply, or from a packaged boiler adjacent to the dryer. In the case hanxbook relatively water insoluble materials, a separate binder material has been used, but it must be one that does not compromise the integrity of the final product.

In a nozzle atomizer, the liquid is pumped into a swirl chamber and passes out through an orifice plate. Only by making these seasonal variations in operating temperature can the production rate of the plant be handbok.


The heater 5 would use either a steam coil or a thermal fluid system with an external heater. A general rule of thumb is to keep the viscosity below centipoise at the atomizer. Dried powder is discharged continuously from the daory of the bag collector through the discharge valve Other designs include equipment for breaking large lumps handgook suitably sized agglomerates before the final drying. In reference to the drying curves for the processing of materials in solid, filter cake, or wet powder form, the ultimate rate-governing factor is the rate of diffusion of moisture from the wet mass.

Droplet humidification whereby the surface of the particles is uniformly wetted by the application of a finely dispersed liquid. Although one may observe the deposits, any guess regarding the weight of powder remaining is vague at best. These deposits are due to condensation on the cold surfaces adjacent to the leak and can be seen immediately prior to cleaning the plant after a production run.

Dairy Processing Handbook

Dsiry provides an agglomerated end product with minimum energy input when compared to traditional approaches. The resulting slot allows room air to be drawn into the chamber in a tangential way, causing a fast rotation inside the chamber. Despite the complexity dariy the process, however, it is possible to carry out agglomeration by means of comparatively simple equipment, which involves the use of hnadbook fluidized bed for the re-wetting and particle contact phase.

For some products, increased agglomerate size and strength has been obtained by using a solution of the material itself as the binder liquid. However, the design of an efficient spray drying plant requires considerable expertise along with access to large scale test facilities, particularly where particle size and bulk density requirements in the dried product are critical.

APV Dryer Handbook

The volume of handbkok swirl chamber controls the rotational speed for a given flow rate. The binder liquid — usually water or a water based solution — is sprayed over the fluidized layer using two fluid nozzles driven by compressed air.

If the venturi throat cannot be adjusted for any reason, the correct air flow balance can be achieved by adjusting the pressure in the cooling duct by either changing the powder cooling exhaust fan speed or by making a small adjustment to the manual cold air butterfly valve.


Environmentally Friendly Apart from the fired super-heater, there are no gaseous emissions from the Steam Spin Flash dryer. Some involve the removal of water or other volatiles from pasty materials such as pigments, clays, synthetic rubbers and fine chemicals. Such an arrangement lends itself Figure 9. The actual pressure drop that will allow the system to operate successfully may depend on the fat content, but could be as low as 4 inches mm w.

An example is herbicide formulations, which often have a well defined level of active ingredients. Reliability is extremely high, maintenance is very low, and operator attention is usually limited to periodically changing the powder container.

As a further illustration of the desirability of using a preforming technique, testing of a designated material exhibited a mean evaporative rate of 1. This is due to air, which can be entrained in the liquid as it is accelerated across the bottom of daity standard radial dairg centrifugal atomizer wheel.

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Entrained air in the feed is another dairh affecting powder density. This would make selection of a fluid bed dryer completely unrealistic and probably would suggest a conventional rotary dryer for the application. Steam humidification whereby saturated steam injected into the powder causes condensation on the particles. Several different configurations are in use and all fall into the category of conduction-type dryers.

daairy A leaking valve seat will also cause a reduction in pump capacity, requiring higher pump speeds to get the same flow of liquid to the spray dryer. These units are normally jacketed and equipped with an internal agitator, which constantly lifts and turns the material. The Clearwater Cogeneration Wastewater Treatment. In addition, multiple effect columns can be incorporated to give an extended path length or continuous recirculatory systems employing both air and product recycle can be used as illustrated in Figure This will retain the same relative humidity in the outlet air and hence, the same powder moisture.

Suspended or dispersed Thixotropic: