Becoming a Writer has ratings and reviews. Daniel said: Holy crap, Dorothea Brande, why the hell is your book almost completely forgotten?I g. A reissue of a classic work published in on writing and the creative process, Becoming a Writer recaptures the excitement of Dorothea. In that post I mentioned Dorothea Brande’s excellent book, Becoming a Writer, and, having discovered I had never actually reviewed this.

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Write as long as you have free time, or until you feel that you have utterly written yourself out. I like especially her chapter 5, Braned the Unconscious: Ina new publisher, Bookouture, republished Of Marriageable Age.

It is a heady time I am A word of warning: A word of warning: I think meditation is an under-appreciated habit that really does strengthen your concentration, patience, and capacity for productive reflection.

Becoming a Writer

Apr 06, Daniel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ok, can I say how much I liked this book? Nothing about the actual nuts and bolts of writing. The library is no more than a store room for several thousand books. But good advice is good advice.

She also insists that writing can b Refreshingly slim, beautifully written and deliciously elegant, Dorothea Brande’s Becoming a Writer remains evergreen decades after it was first written. But I will quote a short statement taken from the back of the copy I picked up, second hand, for less than the price of a coffee. Now all you need to concern yourself with is the mere performance of the exercise.


In fact, I feel as if I should read this book on a regular basis. The shy, insecure artist who believes that somehow there is a magic to writing, a magic that other, successful writers have and which has somehow eluded him. No trivia or quizzes yet. Brande states from the outset that she will not deal with iss This is a wonderfully lucid book. For Dorothea Brande says that it is, at this time, in the twilight zone between sleep and full waking state, “when the unconscious is in the ascendant” that one can reap the full benefit of the “richness of the unconscious.

Both sides must be in balance: Dec 08, Rose rated it it was amazing.

The most normal of us allow ourselves to become so insulated by habit that few things can break through our preoccupations except truly spectacular events—a catastrophe happening under our eyes, our indolent strolling blocked by a triumphal parade; it must be a matter which challenges us in spite of ourselves.

OK, I did have to look up who Kathleen Norris was, but she’s the becomin.

Writrr recommend it unreservedly to all those who take seriously the complex, wonderful, frustrating, creative, stimulating and rewarding art and craft of writing.


This was before the spread of Transcendental Meditation or other movements.

Stuart Aken: Becoming A Writer, by Dorothea Brande, Reviewed

And although I still have much more to cover, I have never been more motivated about my desire to write. Immediately after reading it I began the exercises. Granted, those writers all were quite famous in their day, but so were many others who are no longer read.

The first clue is in the title. This is a book that aspiring writers must read to achieve the magic that gets those words on paper. How many times have Bdcoming heard th I read this classic, first published inthinking it might be able to help me write well.

Feb 15, Amalia Danciu rated it it was amazing. Forget that you have any critical faculty at all; realize that no one need ever see what you are writing unless you choose to show it.

It’s accessible, practical, and inspiring, and now has a permanent place near my writing desk.