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While we admit we love to program just about anything, developing games is one of the coolest things of all.

Beginning C# Programming with XNA Game Studio by A.t. Chamillard – Read Print

XNA Game Studio is a game development framework Microsoft distributes to make it easier for students, hobbyists, and professional game developers to develop games. Even better, with a membership on the App Hub, games developed using the framework can be uploaded and played on the Xbox That means that anyone should be able to pick up the book and work their way through it without any prior knowledge.

If you really just want to learn all the nuts and bolts of XNA, there are numerous books available for that, and you should buy one of those instead. If, however, you aspire to be a professional game programmer — whether as an indie game developer or in a large game company — then this book will give you a solid foundation for starting on that path. Meer lezen Minder lezen. Engels Vanwege de bestandsgrootte kan het langer duren voordat dit boek is gedownload. Burning Teddy; 2 editie 8 november Verkocht door: Amazon Media EU S.


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Although XNA is on it’s way out, this book is still a great foundation in a lot of the basics beginbing game programming and should be transferable to other IDEs. Also is full of my type of silly humor. I picked it up during Dr. T’s coursera course and found the more in depth discussion of the book to be beneficial overall.

Otherwise it’s a perfect start and a good reference.

Overall I found the book very informative. The writer expressed the concepts and practices into game development in a very thoughtful an systematic way.

I recommend this book for entry level C programmers, in my opinion it is definitely one chamullard the best books for starting off. That being said there are a few issues that I encountered that weren’t really severe obstacles but found begining at times. I found that the programminv the writer would put off the concepts and ideas behind a test shudio my patients. For example the section of creating your own classes was continuously put off which I found kind of frustrating, at several points in the book he would go into details about the classes that he had already created and covered them from a birds eye view stand point.

Where this is great for conceptualizing and giving users an idea of how the classes are used, I like to jump in an get my hands dirty it’s the best way to learn for me. If you are the type of person that can read something and really understand the concept then this shouldn’t hinder your purchasing choice in the least.


Beginning C# Programming with XNA Game Studio Free

If you are like me and you like to jump in head first I still think you should give the book a try, you can always go back over and iron out the parts that kind of left you in the dust.

All in all this is a pretty good book to get you started into game development in C and I believe the writer did an excellent job and it is definitely worth a read. Great book for beginners looking to program games in Prograkming using XNA studio. Admittedly dated since Microsoft is discontinuing XNA going forward, but it should provide a pretty beginnkng knowledge base to transfer to other gaming frameworks, etc.

Progresses quickly and provides good examples. Its a good book and C is a good beginners programming langugae. Chamillard teaches game progamming thorough examples which he explains. This book, however, need to be updated as XNA is no longer being developed or supported.

Great book for those not familiar with XNA game programming.

I also took the Author’s Coursera course on beginning game development and found the book to be very helpful. Schrijf als eerste een recensie over dit item Plaats op Amazon-bestsellerlijst: Waar zijn mijn items?

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