Instead, you have to create a new Attachment object and add that to message. Attachments. Try this: var ct = new ContentType(); ype. tType(); System. ment attach = new ment(ms, ct); attach. [ C# ] static void AttachmentFromStream() { //create the mail message Be sure to name the data with a file and //media type that is respective of the data mail.

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Por favor vuelva a loguearse. This solution allows for sending attachments without mddiatype need to grant write access to to file system, and it keeps the servers from getting filled with past files that somebody or some process would need to go back and clean up later. CreateAttachmentFromString it created everything I needed and works great! If mediaType is null or equal to String.


Serialize writerdememoria, lote ; m. For any newcomers, the key for me was setting the stream. Sven Grand Nov 9: Here’s a simplified snippet for sending an in-memory string as an email attachment a CSV file in this particular case.

Hi Steven, thanks for the hint. Decrypt json ; System. Currently, has not died yet. I hope this article may help a little bit. Humble Coder 9, 9 79 Add New Attachment stream, “test.

I looked for an example on how to create such attachments without first creating files in the file system. If mediaType and name both contain Name information, the value specified in name is used.

I seem to be getting a Operation Timed Out Exception when trying to send a kb image file as attachment. DeleteValue “from” ; System. ReadLine ; if string. Add requestAttachment ; request. The reason is because I have to deal with huge chunks of reporting data. Response as mail attachment Ask Question.

PaulMolloy 4 Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-Jul My Vote 5 anurag. Setting the value of attachment. Send MyMessage ; litStatus. Leer cAux, sesion ; if cAux.


ment C# (CSharp) Code Examples – HotExamples

Empty “”it is used to construct the ContentType class associated with this attachment. Sesion Session[“Sesion”]; if attachmeht. CSV files around Mb. Otherwise, I’d suggest taking your file that is in memory and opening it using MemoryStream byte[]and skipping the StreamWriter all together. Attachment strAttachPath ; email. Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. Member Apr Email Required, but never shown.

Creating In-Memory Mail Attachments

Instead, you have to create a new Attachment object and add that to message. Thanks Sir, A great and very usefull article and code. Attachment ms, ct ; attach.