A swordsman for the Sheriff of Nottingham, Will Scarlet has finally emerged from his famous uncle’s shadow. But when he’s unwittingly drawn into a bloody battle . Read What a Scoundrel Wants by Carrie Lofty by Carrie Lofty by Carrie Lofty for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Devon’s review of What a Scoundrel Wants by Carrie Lofty Historical romance released by Zebra 2 Dec This is Carrie Lofty’s Zebra debut.

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That aside, the romance is nonexistent until the end. It’s rocky and very mutually self-serving at first, but both characters develop well in the process, as their initial impressions of each other begin to change. IMO the book was a little longer than it should have been and I think that’s why I had some trouble getting through it.

Will happens to sscoundrel included in this group of men, and before he knows it, both sides are fighting each other. And Robin Hood, once he does arrive in the story, is the perfect compliment to Will as a brother-in-arms, rather than as a cardboard prop, or as a rival for Will’s place as the hero of this story.

The one with the lowest stars takes the author to task for a sex scene in which Meg, our lead character puts the moves on Will while he is asleep and injured. The romantic scenes were also very descriptive, so be careful on public transportation ha-ha. You can find the rest at All About Romance: God it pissed me off. The worst, though, were the blindingly obvious typos.


REVIEW: What a Scoundrel Wants by Carrie Lofty

Also the way each of them learns to think outside of themselves is really well done. When he left her by the river to fend for herself, I wondered if Meg had fallen into the river by accident and could have drowned, would I have been sympathetic? Meg is a phenomenal woman and I really liked the way the author portrayed her within small town medieval life.

What is the theory? They are willing to defend each other to the last, and love each other deeply. Will realizes by now that Meg is the one who made the counterfeit emeralds, and that he can use her to keep his neck out of the hangman’s noose. The other fun part of this novel is the adventure that kofty the plot look like the end result of a game of dominos.

What a Scoundrel Wants

In fact, no one in this book is a perfect character. I had a little difficulty with getting into their heads and fully understanding what exactly they thought they were doing at times, but always felt like I was in very capable hands with this author, and that everything would scojndrel together in the end. After that came the improbable sex and it went rapidly downhill into a confused mess. In this dazzling, original tale, Carrie Lofty imagines a new chapter in the well-loved Robin Hood fable.

The story opens with an ambush, and from there you are running through the woods, with catrie stops at a forest encampment, village, the obligatory castle and dungeons, and a stop at a Loxley Manor, home to Lorty Hood.

Gives me the shudders. When I read the description about a book based on Robin Hood it piqued my interest.


What A Scoundrel Wants (Scoundrel, book 1) by Carrie Lofty

Trivia About What a Scoundrel Almost everything you learn about them is more based on character than physique. It was fucking refreshing to read about a female character like this.

Meg needed a warm male body to quench her desires and Will had no other choice but to go along with it. Since Scoundrrel is blind, the reader does not get the standard description of Will right off the bat.

Meg is on her way to rescue Ada. I was more interested in Will and his inner carrrie, especially when he confronts those demons. What she did instead was write something that could respectably dovetail with almost every other popular adaptation of Robin Hood – most especially with Robin Hood: I would never have bought it – a story about Will Scarlett, an ally of Robin Hood!

Will feels he finally has a purpose when it comes to Meg, and as he learns who this particular woman is, he begins to fall in love with her. From the first pages, it is clear the rest of the book will be about their struggle. His willingness to sacrifice his body was well done.

Will and Meg make a great couple and complement one another well, as all great couples do. Meg suffers a great deal from the injustices against her.