Vampire Daeva Kiss of the Succubus*OP (Vampire: The Requiem (White Wolf)) [ Russell Bailey, Benjamin Baugh] on *FREE* shipping on. Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus Published by White Wolf Publishing Written by Russell Bailey and Benjamin Baugh. More than any other vampire. Death has never looked so good. Love them or hate them, the Daeva are the ones you die for. Tempters and priests, madonnas and horrors.

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He hopes by solving the riddle they represent he will find this woman with which he is obsessed and fall into her arms again — even if only for the last time.

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Sylri rated it it was ok Mar 18, Brad Thompson rated it it was amazing Oct 09, I think its way too tame and silent to fit the image of sensual and hedonistic succubi that these vampires where portrayed as in the main book of the game line. Lists with This Book. Want to Read saving….

Anders Vahlgren rated it really liked it Apr 02, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus

Too much fluff though and not enough actual mechanics in my opinion. Daeva, on the other hand, have mastery over social skills, and the most efficient character builds tend to reflect this and play to that strength.

That really stole from the mysticism these vampires might have had.

In game terms, Gangrel may be the most overtly kick-ass clan due dafva their mastery of the Protean powers of shape-changing — able to sink into any patch succunus earth at sunrise, or to instantly grow claws and throw down.


Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. Kiss of the Succubus White Wolf Publishing gives the kiss of life to the most outwardly self-centered of the vampire clans. He hungers still for the lady who both victimized him and drove him to heights of ecstasy, after which she abandoned him and left town.

Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus Review | Vampire Week | Flames Rising Horror Webzine

A difficult book to rate as I couldn’t really decide between 2 or 3 stars. The Requiem player will want to have. I don’t think succuhus book is bad but it’s also not very memorable, I am pretty sure in a few months I will have forgotten most of it. Because of their very nature, Daeva will encounter such situations in-game practically on a nightly basis; being clear regarding how much or how little the adult-aged players wish to explore this eventuality with their characters and within the framework of the ths is strongly recommended.

Refresh and try again. However when these aspects powers or social are missing from the text… well there is still the element of devotion that these vampires can inspire in humans davea the book falls short nonetheless.

Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus by Russell Bailey

From their beginnings in ancient Sumeria, the Daeva have specialized at blending in with human society. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Eric rated it liked it Dec 08, Progression Tree Skills, professions, magic abilities, etc. Kiss of the Succubus. Instead, it takes the higher road, challenging players to consider more deeply what makes Daevas tick, and how close to their beast they wish to venture. Point Based allocate points to get skills, powers, etc.


Regardless, it was still kisx well written and the art was marvelous, so I enjoyed it immensely.

Become a Fan on Facebook! Experience the Daeva through the “writing” of the living and the dead from around the world.

Geoff Sloane rated it it was amazing May 21, Dice Pool Roll multiple dice vs target. New Merits, bloodlines, Discipline hte, and clan secrets that every Vampire: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Find out what it takes to stay off the cutting edge of the Masquerade Caitlin rated it it was amazing Jul 06, Kiss of the Succubus could easily have stooped to the lowest common denominator and wallowed in a sex-crazed orgy of blood.

Game Trade Magazine Issue 98 – Apr Pf and readers are drawn into a World of Darkness that’s more frightening every night. I was particularly smitten by pieces on pages 9 a geek-Daeva, holding court with a toothy grin over her computer game-obsessed flock and page a satisfied-looking woman leaning against her unconscious partnerthough I feel I must also mention the excellent execution of the pin-up style on page While the Ventrue book was filled with all hhe of vibrancy, this one rang just the tiniest bit hollow, especially considering how amped up and passionate the Daeva are supposed to be.

The Requiem Love them or hate them, the Daeva are the ones you die for.