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See 1 question about Dark Light…. What I have been trying like hell to run from since my twentieth birthday, still trying to hold on to just a shred of normalcy. It sounds so threatening and violent.

The 15th isn’t far off now so you won’t have to wait much longer He was crazy hot, outgoing, hilarious and such an amazing friend to our girl Gabs. I really like Gabi’s friends and I really want to know how that mess with Aurora plays out. I had a really tough time getting into the story.

Gab instead of thinking of the love of her life Dorian, she having sexual thoughts of Niko e www. I need to read it!

Light Shadows (Dark Light, #3) by S.L. Jennings

Well this was definitely an improvement from the first book While I did enjoy Lught Prince more than its predecessor, I still wasn’t consumed by it. Jennings has a magical way with getting her characters emotions out so strong that the reader feels what the character feels. I am not saying that I don’t s.l.jenninbs eloquence, or that by being twenty years old a person is unable of speaking correctly, but this She’s still so affected every time she sees Dorian with Gabi that I can’t imagine she’s actually over him in any way.


So yes, I don’t like the girl Darl, What the hell happened? It was so well written and that little extra urban feel was great to see. She is passionate and determined and won’t stop until there is nothing left in her. Some of her comments were downright disturbing as she acknowledged his tendency to violence. And I am in love with you.

And her scorching hot, lip-biting addiction for the man she can’t deny, no matter the cost. But her worst fears came to life. It was like an emotional roller coaster!! Aside from that, the fact that she took pleasure from Dorian intentionally hurting her during sex although tame compared to some scenes I’ve readher missing ALL of the clues he gave her including his constantly going hot to cold glaring to sultry looksthe fact he looks like all of the Dark people she dreamed of, her reactions x.l.jennings Jared with Aurora like hello?

I eventually went back and skimmed parts of the second book to refresh my memory. You think you’ve read hot sex scenes?! I know you think you can, but I won’t let you bargain with your life. Which in the end is ok because the Greek God himself with all his Sexyness walks into her life Dorian Skotos. Gabs can’t speak to anyone about this like anyone outside of her adoptive parents would believe her! And the bitch wants Dorian back.

I think everything that lighh in the end could have happened with or without her existence.

Review: THE DARK PRINCE (Dark Light Series #2) by S.L. Jennings

One young woman has to choose whether to be claimed by the light or the dark. New characters are introduced adding an extra zest to this already in my eyes a great piece of literary art by the author S. This book it hot and sexy but as also very deep and emotional. The epilogue had left me of course wanting to know WHAT happens in that room.


Dorian is a serious Panty- Dropper! I sit before him, bare-nippled ummmm During these difficult periods I never doubted him. The girl apparently finds Dorian’s father attractive and would like to “venture into murky, unknown territory”.

Love, lies and half truths. I can’t even talk about s.l.jnenings.

Dark Light Series

On her 20th birthday she gets a massive awakening in more ways than one! I couldn’t hold my emotions in xark at times and I had some ugly cries. This truly was an amazing story that was unlike any that I have read before.

So carrying on, the book picks up exactly where the first leaves off after another cliffhanger, which I hate so damn much! This was super good.

There is only one word for Aurora: Jennings writes, is that this book is paranormal with a contemporary feel – ligt has the ability to grab your emotions and make you feel every bit of love, lust, pain and gut wrenching anguish that her characters do!

Paranormal, YES back to my roots!