Eurand’s Diffucaps® technology enables the development of once-daily controlled-release (CR) capsules or patient-friendly orally disintegrating tablet ( ODT). Download scientific diagram | ORBEXA ® Technology 3) DIFFUCAPS ® Technology: Diffucaps is a multiparticulate bead system comprised of multiple layers of. DIFFUCAPS ® technology 4) DIFFUTAB ® Technology: Diffutab technology enables customized release profiles and region-specific delivery. Diffutab.

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Some coatings designed to erode gradually with time, result in the release of drug contained within the particle. Tablets with controlled-rate release of active substances.

Diffucaps® Customized Release Technology

These systems consist of an outer release controlling water insoluble but permeable coating subject to mechanically induced rupture phenomenon. Saeger H, Virley P. They deliver the drug at the right time, at the right site of action and in the right amount, which provides more benefit than conventional dosages and increased tecchnology compliance. The vessel is made of water-impermeable ethylene-co-vinyl acetate copolymer EVA and the cap is made of proprietary water-permeable blends of polycaprolactone TONE and flux enhancers 12.

Variations in pH throughout the GI tract affect the solubility and absorption of certain drugs. Release properties, such as lag time and release rate, were manipulated by varying the printing parameters.

Pulsatile drug delivery system. Ultradian Rhythms Shorter duration oscillations are termed as Ultradian Rhythms more than one cycle per 24 h.

Asthma is one such disease where pulsatile drug delivery system can be useful. Such a release pattern is known as pulsatile release.

To achieve controlled release, a multilayered tablet constructed using two basic components, hydrophilic polymers, such as hydroxypropyl methycellulose HPMCand surface-controlling barriers. The beads contain a layer of organic acid or alkaline buffer to control the solubility of a drug by creating an optimal pH microenvironment for drugs that exhibit poor solubility in intestinal pH, in environments with pH greater than 8.

The objective of the study was to explore the time- and pH-dependent controlled drug delivery of Diclofenac Sodium using the pulsincap system. Formulation and stastical optimization of time controlled technooogy release propranolol hydrochloride compressed coated tablet. Circadian rhythms Circadian rhythms are self-sustaining, endogenous oscillations that occur with a periodicity of about 24 Hours Figure.


Pharmceutical Development and Technology ; 15 2: But major drawbacks arise from the biological variations among individuals. By continuing to use this website you are agreeing to all cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. Bussemer T, Bodmeier R. An optimal pH microenvironment is created within the coated bead.

Development of dividable one-step dry-coated tablets dividable-OSDRC and their evaluation as a new platform for controlled drug release. The release is controlled by the nature of the drug-containing bead matrix or its semi-permeable membrane coating. Djffucaps Drug Delivery System.

Colon Targeted Pulsatile Drug Delivery: The minitablets produced by direct compression of granules having active ingredients.

Nitroglycerin, calcium channel blocker, ACE inhibitors Asthma Precipitation of attacks during night or at early morning.

AMRIX is available in two dose-proportional strengths, 15 and 30 mg capsules. Assessing the abuse potential of an oral osmotic-controlled extended release OROS hydromorphone compared tehcnology immediate release hydromorphone.

Capsule Shaped Pulsatile Drug Delivery System This dosage form consists of an insoluble capsule body containing drug and a release controlling plug Soluble is fitted between immediate release compartment and pulsed release compartment Figure. Every Diffucaps bead has an inert core enclosed by drug as well as coated with a functional polymer membrane to control the rate of drug release.

Erosion rate constants were used to model release from tablets with non-uniform drug distributions. Indian J Pharm Sci.

Recent technologies in pulsatile drug delivery systems

There are certain conditions for which such a release pattern is not suitable that demand release of a drug after a lag time. The penetration of GI fluids through the outer membrane causes the expansion of the swelling agent. Design and Evaluation of Enteric press coated tablet for pulsatile delivery of Atenolol ; 1 2: Drugs that produce biological tolerance demand a system that will prevent their continuous presence at the biophase, as this tends to reduce their therapeutic effect.

Low dosage forms were fabricated with as little as 2. Electrically erodible polymer gel for controlled release of drugs. Migration was also decreased by pre-printing barriers to confine secondary printed drug solutions. Electrically actuatable smart nanoporous membrane for pulsatile drug release.

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Recent technologies in pulsatile drug delivery systems

When both these systems come in contact with aqueous medium, the coat emulsifies or erodes after the lag time. Surface eroding system In this type of system, the reservoir device is coated with a soluble or erodible diffucpas, which dissolves with time and releases the drug after a specified lag period, as in case of a chronotropic system, where the drug is entrapped in the core layer with hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose HPMC and with an additional layer of enteric-coated film outside it.

Diffusion Water diffuses into the interior of the particle when particle come in contact diffuca;s aqueous fluids in the gastrointestinal tract and resultant drug solutions diffuse across the release coat to the exterior.

The drug can be combined in two ways, one with diffjcaps neutral core second incorporated into the coating process Prototyping involves constructing specific layers that use powder processing and liquid texhnology materials. In this type of system, the reservoir device is coated with a soluble or erodible layer, which dissolves with time and releases the drug after a specified lag period, as in case of a chronotropic system, where the drug is entrapped in the core layer with hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose HPMC and with an additional layer of enteric-coated film outside it.

If our normal rhythm is disrupted we tend to become anxious e. This swelling of the polymer induced by this pH change which results in insulin release. Microchips as controlled drug-delivery devices. The release of the active ingredient can be controlled by thickness and viscosity of the outer coat. This proprietary technology has been developed technoligy for weak, basic drugs and involves the incorporation of a pharmaceutically acceptable organic acid or a crystallization-inhibiting polymer onto inert cores and coating the drug-layered beads with proprietary functional polymers.

System is composed of a drug-containing core and swells able polymeric coating of HPMC which slow the interaction with aqueous fluids4,8,9,11,13,14,15,16, These technologies also include iontophoresis, iontophoresis and infusion pumps.