The Dimachaeron comes in as the best close combat option Tyranids This sounds vaguely like the old Hormagaunt rule which added 3′ or. The Dimachaeron is one impressive model to see on the tabletop and it’s stats are no different. It has 14 wounds and we’re not seeing a drop in. So I got myself a Dimachaeron. Probably the nastiest thing the Nids have access to right now. I need a rule clarification. The rule for one of.

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There is no such thing as a hobby without politics. Who wants to bet that’s supposed to be pts, and FW stuffed up enough to miss pts? But ruoes Harridan and the Barbed Hierodule only have one pair, but it says twoarglbarlgalgerl.

It is only 90 points unless I’m missing something and being a character AND affecting all unit types, not just Infantry… I think it’s already quite strong even if it only affects models. Azrael affects models, but that’s fine because models take saves individually.

Yeah, if all it gives the benefit to is monsters and other big stuff I could live with it as djmachaeron. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. He seems really good but also is really expensive: Once people understand she is not the doom some people claim she is, she will be neutered pretty fast. dimachseron

I have a Stone Crusher Carnifex with one bio-flail and one wrecker claw. Bristling with blade-arms studded with sickle-like claws, it can slice a fully armoured Space Marine in two and, able to leap a Leman Russ battle tank without breaking stride, when stalking its prey the Dimachaeron dispenses with the slow, stealthy approach of the Lictor and instead relies on sheer brutality and animalistic rage, leaving a gore-soaked trail of carnage behind it.

Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Email notifications for threads you want dimaachaeron watch closely. The model in rulse flesh is lovely, and the rules aren’t half bad.


You double the damage ruls against targets with the Titanic or Building keyword. Part of the hobby.

Should be enough till you buy the book. Your ad here, right fules This page was last modified on 17 Octoberat For some reason, the Hive Mind thought it was a good idea to warp the Dimachaeron’s ribcage into a gigantic maw. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Keep in mind that it has instinctive behaviour Feed but that shouldn’t be that big of a problem given that it’s LD I think Harridan’s could be hilariously obnoxious. A Dimachaeron is a new giant Tyranid monstrous dimafhaeron and is essentially the Tyranid version of the Eversor assassin, with steroids. Carnifex 67 with two pairs of Scything Talons 20 and Tresher Scythe 7 costs 94 points.

That would be pretty good speed, but it brings Dimachaeron out of range for Venomthrope’s cover buff. If you are already a member then feel free to login now.

For me, model is meh, and rules are ok, but nothing great. Gargoyle – Genestealer – Hormagaunt – Ripper – Termagaunt. It has 5 attacks base 6 because it has two melee weapons is WS 8, strength 6 and initiative 6 and come equipped with Adrenal Glands and Rampage to make it even more frightening. Very excited to get my first forgeworld model, cc mcs have always been my favorite.

Oh, no, I’m not actually presuming that’s how it works, that’s just the horrible, horrible text as written. Great looking mini and the rules is basically a super Venomthrope on Steroids.


Maybe the Dimachaeron cab essentially bypass walls and get to the other side without penalty. Times and dates in your local timezone. The barbed getting literally just a 48″ Heavy 6 12 total version of a hive guard impaler for almost 10 times the cost, while still only hitting on 4s…sad. June 28, Then there are its special rules and equipment: This flying fortress brings the pain in all sorts of ways.


June 28, 1: Which, ironically, I think nerds do even more vehemently than jocks. Contrary to the Lictor, whose dimachaegon is stealthy and slow, the Dimachaeron throws all subtlety out the window and relies only on brutality and animalistic rage to destroy anything the hive mind wants dead.

He seems really good, but isn’t cheaper? It appears indeed to have been evolved only to slaughter those identified among their prey as leaders in the midst of battle, spreading terror and dismay among the ranks of all who resist the Hive Mind’s advance.

Is there a Dimachaeton model that only has a single scyting talon?

The “Learn to play, bro” mentality is dimacharon just a way for someone to try to shame you by implying that their metaphorical nerd-wiener is bigger than yours. Ork air power quickly came to dominate the skies across Armageddon, and forced the few remaining Marauders to be refitted to operate at night, flying at extremely low level where they could evade detection.

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Forgeworld – Tyranids – 3++

Dominatrix – Hierophant – Hydraphant – Viciator. I know a lot of you already bought it! Ohh I had been able to find some of the rules but Domachaeron wasn’t finding out what book they actually published them in. Where can I find Dimachaeron rules? Not necessarily good or even decentbut 30″ move, can shoot in combat, can drop gargs, leave and charge anything else.