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A Preview of Main Ideas I Of the ideas advanced in the book, none is more central than the notion that the body is a foundation of the conscious mind. Multicellular organisms are made of multiple, cooperatively organized unicellular organisms, which baup,an arose from the combination of even smaller individual organisms.

But we cannot observe their minds, and only we ourselves can observe ours, from the inside, and through a rather narrow window. This is where we find the machinations behind what we have come to know, from our human perspective, as reward and punishment, the lead players in the dance of motivated exploration.

Jun 24, – McCann et al. Unfortunately, although the essentials of life regulation the process of homeostasis have been known for more than a century and are applied daily in general biology and medicine, their deeper significance in terms of neurobiology and psychology has not been appreciated.

Consciousness has improved adaptability and allowed the beneficiaries to create novel solutions to the problems of life and survival, in virtually any conceivable environment, anywhere on earth, up in the air and in outer space, under the water, in deserts and on mountains.


Building up of “Mivoc Horn” an exponential midrange Horn

But the conscious mind did not create the mechanism. The ultimate consciousness product occurs from those numerous brain sites at the same time and not in one site in particular, much as the performance of a symphonic piece does not come from the work of a single musician or even from a whole section of an orchestra.

In order to qualify for the lofty title, the ideas presented in the chapters ahead need to accomplish certain goals. Pricing introduces restraint and creates some sort of order in the access to items. Understanding how the brain produces that something extra, the protagonist we carry around and call self, or me, or I, is an important goal of the neurobiology of consciousness.

The properties of minds, let alone conscious minds, appear to be so radically different from those of visible living matter that thoughtful folk wonder how one process conscious minds working meshes with the other process physical cells living together in aggregates called tissues.

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Finally, there is the autobiographical self. Neurons did not invent electrical signals.

Ultimately consciousness allows us to experience maps as images, to manipulate those images, and to apply reasoning to them. Awakening meant having my temporarily absent mind returned, but with me in it, both property the mind and proprietor me accounted for. Consciousness enabled humans to repeat the leitmotif of life regulation by means of a collection of cultural instruments—economic exchange, religious beliefs, social conventions and ethical rules, laws, arts, science, technology.

To the best of our knowledge, neurons do not reproduce—that is, they do not divide.

I hope they help illustrate the range of roles that the self assumes in the mind. The Mathematics of Biological Intelligence Let us consider some other questions: The activity of either living organisms or engineered machines achieves a goal; there are component processes to the activity; the processes are executed by distinct anatomical parts that perform sub-tasks; and so forth.


Optimal workings of an organism, which result in efficient, harmonious states of life, constitute the very substrate of our primordial feelings of well-being and pleasure. The brain of a nematode, such as C. It upsets traditional human storytelling. Supreme Court, the deliberations of the U.

Things are not quite in the same place. All feelings of emotion are complex musical variations on primordial feelings. But deeper answers must be sought at even simpler levels.

I believe this aboutness is the reason why the covert will to live of the cells in our body could ever have been translated into a minded, conscious will. Brains also became capable of using the pattern of stimuli—for example, the repetition or alternation of stimuli—to predict what might be happening next. We never sprouted wings or gills, but we invented machines that have wings or can rocket us into the stratosphere, that sail the oceans or travel twenty thousand leagues under those oceans.

Examples of organs are obvious, from hearts and guts to the brain. Where is the engine for the value systems?

I am also saying that the covert knowledge is quite sophisticated and should not be regarded as primitive.