Find great deals for Fluke Networks DTX Cable Tester. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Fluke Networks DTXMSO GLD DTX Kit with DTX-MFM2 Multimode & DTX-SFM2 Single-mode Fiber Modules, & DTX-OTDR-QMOD Compact. Fluke Networks DTX Cable Analyzer Series. Get Free Shipping when you order online at In stock, ships same or next day.

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DTX CableAnalyzer™ Series

Access to live 24 x 7 technical support – Extend the expertise of your staff. Less than 10 minutes to rated accuracy following over-voltage. We are willing to resolve any issue, no matter the circumstance. This website uses Javascript for some features, please enable it to use the full functionality of this website.

It makes the DTX powerful certification tool a complete, easy-to-use OTDR that shoots and analyzes traces on singlemode and multimode fiber. Continue on ITM Canada. Simply snap a set of adapters onto your DTX CableAnalyzer and you can test shielded and unshielded twisted pair patch cords to industry performance standards.

Save time managing results with LinkWare Cable Test Management Software Fluke Networks’ powerful LinkWare Software included with every DTX Series tester helps you quickly organize, edit, view, print, save, or archive test results by jobsite, customer, campus building, netwworks more.

Certifies both shielded and unshielded category 6A patch cords per ISO Save my login information. It starts with 9-second Cat 6 Autotest.

Fluke Networks DTX Cable Tester | eBay

This extended bandwidth supports the ISO Class F links, as well as emerging standards like 10 Gigabit Ethernet over twisted-pair cabling. To ensure reliable results for Return Loss, treat the twisted pair Basic Link Adapters cables with extra care.


Standard Link Interface Adapters. Fluke Networks has subjected the DTX Series testers to rigorous testing in the labs of leading wiring manufacturers. The new adapters are the first of its kind to test shielded Category 5e, 6, and 6 A cabling. An automated procedure under ‘Utilities’ in LinkWare v2.

DTX Production Ends June 30th | Fluke Networks

Repairs and loaner equipment flukf If your DTX or Fiber Modules should fail, we’ll deliver a loaner unit via next-day delivery to keep you up and running. This Comes with everything shown.

Validate fiber link performance per industry standards. Accepted payment methods vary by country. If the NVP is known with sufficient accuracy, the electrical length approximates the physical length closely.

Frequency range of tones: It also enables you to certify links for other applications, such as video distribution over twisted pair cabling. Cat 6 certification in 9 seconds The DTX and DTX perform Cat 6 certification test in just 9 seconds – all in full compliance with the industry standards and with superior accuracy. This item includes two contact blocks of the 8-pin modular plug.

With global industry approval by connectivity vendors, this dts-1800 center plug certifies link as well as connecting hardware compliance to the Cat 6 standard to achieve an open cabling system. This item includes two contact blocks of flume 8-pin modular plug. The daily wear associated with coiling, uncoiling, and storing cables under rough field conditions causes slow, invisible degradation nrtworks time and contributes to Return Loss, which is often the cause of a FAIL. Midspan power supplies, an efficient means to implement PoE, have protection circuitry that makes it impossible dtc-1800 do wiremapping.


Consult with the manufacturer of the connecting hardware to ensure that you certify the installation in agreement with his warranty requirements.

The wiremap test is an essential tool for flushing out wiring errors that cause a PoE service to fail and troubleshooting existing PoE services. Main unit and remote: This intelligent remote allows you to initiate tests from either end of a test link.

Improve the services you offer The same familiar tool used industry-wide to certify link transmission performance can now be used to verify and document the availability of network services over a cabling link.

Features 10 Gig Copper Certification. Our centers in Seattle, WA and Eindhoven, NL employ a full staff of highly trained technical dyx-1800 that are on call, including weekends and through the night, to answer complex troubleshooting questions, including GOLD only services such as: Length flyke do not include the uncertainty of the cable’s NVP Value.

Accessory Replacement – Some accessories are essential to testing and certifying cable. Lithium battery Typical flukw of lithium battery: With global industry approval by connectivity vendors, this unique “center plug certifies link as well as connecting hardware compliance to the Cat 6 standard to achieve an open cabling system.

At Fluke Networks, we put accuracy first. You can merge test results into an existing database and then sort, search and organize by any number of data fields or parameters.