Fosroc offers you the most comprehensive range of waterproofing products, Specification Managers, helping you find the total waterproofing solution for your . Fosroc Brushbond Acrylic Polymer Modified Cementitious Waterproofing Coating KG. In projects where piled walls are used as the construction method or where ground settlement is expected, Fosroc recognised waterproofing product.

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Fosroc Waterproofing, 25 Kg

In projects where piled walls are used as the construction waterptoofing or where ground settlement is expected, Fosroc recognised waterproofing product performance could be improved. An innovative pre-applied waterproofing membrane was developed to adhere fully to the structural concrete.

This would give the benefit of assured waterproofing integrity, even if settlement occurred. An important design feature of this Fosroc membrane was fosrooc develop the system using a smart cell matrix, which mechanically bonds to fresh concrete.

This bonding technique is suited for actual project site conditions where dirt and grim are present; the cell matrix can be easily air-cleaned prior to concrete pouring, coupled with its superior robustness, comforts clients during the waterproofing installation.

Blinding concrete is preferred; however, Proofex Engage can be placed directly on top of a well-compacted smooth granular fill substrate. A broadcast of damp sand on top of the granular material is useful. Removal of the blinding concrete means less concrete and less labour time, but also means less concrete truck movements, which not only saves time and money but is more environment friendly.

The unique mesh design of Proofex Engage gives a permanent tenacious mechanical bond to freshly placed concrete. This bond is not dependent on any chemical reaction and can be assured each time concrete is cast. The heavy-duty mesh design and properties result in a robust, proven membrane, which is ideally suitable for project conditions.


PVC membranes, self-adhesive and torch-on membranes can collapse where ground settlement takes place. This can lead to stretching and tearing of the membrane and can cause leakages. Proofex Engage, however, will remain in place, fully bonded to the structural concrete, assuring complete waterproof integrity, even if ground settlement occurs. In the unlikely event of damage to the membrane during installation, the smart anti-tracking mesh design of Proofex Engage will prevent water tracking between the membrane and the concrete.

Proofex Engage has been tested to ASTM D and shows no lateral water migration when tested at 70m hydrostatic water pressure. This high-performance means, unlike loose-laid membrane systems, there is no requirement for expensive PVC waterstop and injection compartment systems. Proofex Engage is a robust, heavy duty membrane with millions of sqm in projects throughout the world. The structural steel reinforcement is laid directly on top of the membrane ready for the structural concrete placement.

There is no requirement for screed protection which saves valuable time and money. Proofex Engage, with its packaged accessories, makes designing and constructing below-ground waterproofing systems easy. Proofex Engage has a long, successful track record, spanning over 17 years. The system is independently certified to the BBA and wateprroofing with recognised worldwide standards.

FOSROC Waterproofing Product Systems | Lainton Services

Fosroc local specification managers are available to assist you in specification writing and creation of bespoke project details, including CAD drawings. The Waterproofng Engage system has excellent holistic cost benefits due to its single layer quick, easy eaterproofing method.

No protection screed is required, which saves time and money. This also negates the need for many concrete mixer trucks, which saves fuel and is more environment friendly. The smart anti-tracking foosroc matrix in Proofex Engage is robust, even for highly congested rebar configurations and thick section concrete pours. The matrix assures a tenacious mechanical bond to fresh concrete and is independently certified for non-water tracking to over 7 bar water pressure.


Proofex Engage has been successfully installed throughout the world in many project site conditions. From cold to hot climates, small to large mega projects, the system has proven its suitability for easy application and assured durability.

The large 38m2 roll size is easily kicked-out in rapid speed. The cell matrix is robust; when tested for puncture resistance in accordance with EN, a drop height value of over 1. Fosroc has a tried and tested solution at pile heads involving compatible waterproof epoxy grout, which interlocks with the Proofex Engage cell daterproofing, resulting in continuity of waterproofing integrity and strength at these critical locations.

Fosroc not only supplies quality proven systems, but can provide on-site application training and guidance for complicated details. For project specific method statements please contact your local Fosroc office. Proofex Engage, our innovative pre-applied waterproofing system, has been successfully installed below-ground in many projects around the world, ensuring structural integrity and long-term durability of the structure.

A recent example being the Wynn Palace project in Macau, where the site was built on re-claimed contaminated land, and the waterproofing system had to be both water and gasproof. The original, innovative, mechanically bonded, pre-applied below ground waterproofing system Proofex Engage.

Proofex Engage Track Record.