bytes, , [GEN]. Document: ITU-T SG15 (Study Period ) Temporary Document GEN. Title: FTTH Handbook. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. FTTH Handbook 1 Introduction This handbook has been developed to provide an understanding of all the. [BLU 10] BLUETOOTH SIG I., , August [FTT 10b] FTTH, FTTH Handbook, Report, Fiber to the Home Council Europe,

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The GPON ODN, consisting of a single mode optical fiber and cable; the optical fiber ribbon cables, splices, optical connectors, passive optical splitters and passive branching components are very passive. L band, and O band were compared in the selection of upstream wavelength, but C band was eliminated due to overlapping with RF video channels. Later on, the 2001 enhanced to cover Mbps. The third one is based hadbook IEEE For downstream trafficthe traffic multiplexing functions are centralized in OLT.

This group was restricted to study the G.

FTTH Handbook – Fifth Edition – Gpondoctor

GEM provides a connection-oriented, variable-length framing mechanism for transport of data services over the passive optical network PON. Inthe FSAN group started the development of a gigabit speed standard, i. The larger the diameter of the telephone, the longer the distance it could reach.

It allows the exchange of IEEE GPON must accommodate services that require a maximum mean signal transfer delay of 1.

FTTH Quick Guide

It appears as a single entity for the purpose of upstream bandwidth assignment on the PON. PMD generates electrical or optical signals depending on the nature of the physical medium connected.


EFM technology allows different types of topologies to achieve maximum flexibility. This standard allows service providers a variety of flexible and cost effective solutions for the provision of broadband Ethernet services in the access and the metro networks. MAC hahdbook protocol was specified to support and new functions to be implemented and added to the standard at the same time. SHDSL stands for symmetric high bit rate digital subscriber line.

Specifically, GPON system must have a maximum mean signal transfer delay time of less than1. For example, Un-fragmented Ethernet frame as shown in the following illustration. Any network topology defined in IEEE A PON technology based on Ethernet. Equipment venders focus on optimizing the handook and practicability. But, at the ONU, only the specific packet is processed, and the rest packets are discarded.

FTTH – Quick Guide

It describes the signals, the physical media, and the mechanical and electrical interfaces. In GPON, the maximum differential fiber distance is 20 kms. Split ratios of up to 1: The splitters are designated as [n: This choice facilitates high bandwidth services and content to each customer and ensures maximum bandwidth habdbook future demands of new services. Upstream traffic has not been exposed to other ONUs, so encryption is not needed.

Downstream wavelength of nm is selected by FSAN. There are three categories or classes of components, which are based on power and sensitivity. It is the data transport scheme in the specified GPON transmission convergence layer.


It provides uninterrupted high-speed internet service. For the access of network technologies, there are normally two ways i. Encryption blocks are aligned to the GTC frame.

Fixed and the second is the Wireless way. Fiber offers a number of advantages over the previous technologies Copper.

The traffic bearing entities within the ONU are granted upstream transmission opportunity or bandwidth allocation by the OLT. The transmission convergence layer enhances the framing structure, activation mechanism, and DBA. PON and fiber infrastructure can also be used for supporting any one-way distributive service. Upstream data rate of 2.

Each upstream frame contains a number of transmission bursts coming from one or more ONUs. Downstream traffic broadcasts to all ONUs, so it becomes easy for a malicious user to reprogram ONU and capture desired frames.

However, a larger split ratio implies greater gtth power and bandwidth splitting, which creates the need for an increased power budget to support the physical reach.

Fiber to the Home or simply FTTH is a technology that uses optical fiber directly from the central point to the residential premises as shown in the following image. Optical Fiber Method can be deployed in two ways: