expressly approved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment. composite cable. 3 HDCU/HDFX (HD Triax CCU) connector ( Triax. This enables the camera to transmit bi-directional video and audio signals,and one control line to the HDCU/ HDCU Camera Control Unit via the. Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it .. HDCU//(R) series Camera/panel control block (RCP/ ).

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Many thousands of HDC systems have been sold around the world since the introduction in and the family has continued to improve and grow since then. A major reason for this popularity is the wide range of system parts which allow customers to configure an HD camera system for almost any application they hvcu.

These parts include a selection of viewfinders,two Camera Control Units, six Remote Control Panels as well as comprehensive connectivity and control options and interfaces for Hybrid Fibre and Triax cabling. The innovative Large Lens and CRT adapters manua a portable camera to be docked with Studio peripherals almost instantly. The CCD is capable of capturing full HD resolution x images at up 60 progressive frames per second in the normal camera and interlaced frames manua second in the unique, 3 x slow motion camera.

New user functions include multi matrix and variable black gamma.

No less important is the ability to capture superb images in all world wide standards, both progressive and interlaced, in or formats and at multiple frame rates. Sony HDC cameras are manufactured in our dedicated factory in Pencoed — South Wales, to the highest environmental standards.

Based on Sony HAD sensor technology and the latest on-chip lens structure,this CCD offers a high manuxl of F11 at 2, lx and an excellent signalto-noise ratio of 54 dB typical. By adopting the latest 0.

In addition, white balance, white shading, and flare are hdccu corrected, allowing for stable image correction.

Sony HDC User Manual – Page 1 of 20 |

Processing is performed with more than 30 bits accuracy to ensure freedom from rounding artefacts. All control switches and connectors are in the most logical places for optimum functionality and ease of use. In addition, the mannual pad of these cameras can be adjusted either forwards or backwards without using a screwdriver, so the camera can easily be moved to a wellbalanced position.

Versatile Interfaces In addition to its exceptional quality, the camera can transmit all-digital bi-directional video and audio signals, one control line, and prompter line over extremely long distances — up to meters feet 3 with the HDCU and meters feet 3 with the HDCU One is based on the CNU Camera Command Network Unit at the centre of the configuration, while the other makes use of the Ethernet functionality of the systems — a new and powerful feature that also provides a path manjal the future.


Both control systems allow communication between all the devices in the configuration, including cameras, camera control units, remote controllers, and setup units. In addition, the viewfinder signals with characters can be output from the SD-SDI output connector,giving camera operators additional convenience.

Furthermore, for 24P5 operation, the built-in pull-down function of the cameras enables This allows users to effectively manage camera parameters for individual scenes,plus the specific camera-setup preferences of individual operators, such as viewfinder indicator settings. Until now, setting up a portable camera 15000 a large lens adaptor has been a difficult task, especially fine-tuning the mechanical adjustments between each device.

Another convenient peripheral for the portable cameras, the HDLA Large Viewfinder Adaptor, is also available, enabling a large viewfinder to be used with the portable camera. There is no need to detach the viewfinder. Utilising a newly developed interlocking mechanism, the power, video and control signals are passed on directly from the portable cameras to the HDLA Series adaptor. This unique mechanism also allows the portable cameras to be attached and detached without removing the large lens.

The interlocking mechanism allows for hcu astonishingly quick and smooth setup. Low-profile Design Together with the low-profile design of the portable camera, the viewfinder position of the HDLA is 45 mm lower than the previous model. Close the rear cover and then slide the viewfinder forward. Unlike lens extenders, the Digital Extender function performs this capability without any loss in image sen-sitivity.

This function is especially useful when only the hue of certain colours needs to be adjusted in critical applications.

The HDC Series of cameras allows detail manhal be set independently for each of three separate colour ranges.

These colours are not limited to skin tones, but can be set for any colour. Detail may be increased or decreased relative to the normal level. This can result in colours in those areas being lost. The Low-Key Saturation function on the HDC Series of cameras eliminates this problem by optimising the amplification of colour saturation at low light levels, providing more natural colour reproduction.


Selectable Gamma Table Simulated images The selectable gamma table provided with the HDC Series cameras allows users to create a specific look for a picture by selecting from a choice of fixed gamma patterns. This feature can help to bring out details from the dark parts of the picture without affecting mid-tones while maintaining the absolute black level.

Versatile System Components The HDC Series of cameras is compatible with a hdcj of peripherals including camera control units, remote controllers, command network units, and master setup units. This allows operators to flexibly configure the system according to their needs both in the studio and out in the field.

The optical fibre transmission system used in these units maintains the high picture quality of the camera across cable runs of up to meters feet 1 with the HDCU and up to meters feet 1 with the HDCU In addition,a variety of output interfaces are offered via optional boards, which can be installed in manuaal slots on the HDCU and two slots on the HDCU The combination of an LCD touch-panel screen and direct push buttons enables full parameter adjustment of the camera to be controlled.

For further mnaual convenience, the RM-B has a Memory Stick media card slot so that various setup parameters can be stored and recalled. Several CNU units can be connected to the camera control network in a large system. In addition, the HDTX adaptor enables hybrid triax and optical fibre operation. It allows the CCD block to be extended from the camera body by up to More creative camera shooting angles can be achieved, along with the freedom to place the imaging assembly in areas where a full-size mabual would be restricted.

The HKC-T adaptor will expand the spectrum of HD camera applications in area such as snorkel lenses, helicopter gimbal mounts, and mini jibs. BNC manua, 11.

BTA SA, tri-level sync, 0. They combine this with an in-depth knowledge of the market, ensuring you get advice that meets your needs before and after purchase.

Not all services are available in all countries.

Sony HDC-1500 User Manual

Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

All non-metric weights and measurements are approximate. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.