“Kumari Kandam refers to a mythical lost continent with an ancient Tamil civilization, to What is the history of the Tamil Kumari Kandam (Lemuria continent)?. Just like Atlantis, the story behind Lemuria and Kumari Kandam is a fascinating one. Kumari Kandam is a lost continent home o the Ancient. A. Sutherland – – Kumari Kandam is the legendary sunken continent, mentioned in several works of Tamil literature and.

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A land lost to the ocean also helped the Tamil revivalists provide an kandzm for the lack of historically verifiable or scientifically acceptable material evidence about this ancient civilization.

Tamil continent Kumari Kandam – believed to be the connection between Africa to South India — was located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and has long been identified and closely associated with a hypothetical “lost land” of Lemuria.

This theory was based on the methodology recommended by his teacher Devaneya Pavanar.

15 Things you should know about the lost continent of Kumari Kandam | Ancient Code

Some also theorize that the entire humanity is descended from the inhabitants of Kumari Kandam. Christopher Jayakaran 9—22 April Fictional continents Cultural history of Tamil Nadu Lemuria. The Rudiments of Physical Geography.

Ancient Places Aug 12, Skip to main content. Nakkeerar’s commentary does not mention the size of the territory lost to the sea. It was located to the south of Kanyakumariand covered an area of kavatam a unit of unknown measurement.


This would have submerged prehistoric settlements that were located around the low-lying coastal areas of India and Sri Lanka.

Maclean added that this submerged land was the homeland of the proto-Dravidians. The Lost Gardens of Heligan: Many Tamil writers do not assign any date to the submergence of Kumari Kandam, hisotry to phrases like “once upon a time” or “several thousands of years ago”. Just like Atlantis, the story behind Lemuria and Kumari Kandam is a fascinating one.

Kumari Kandam – Wikipedia

These tectonic processes played important role in the disappearance of the ancient continent known as Lemuria to western scholars. Most people are familiar with the story of Atlantis, the legendary sunken city as described by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.

One set of claims was centered on the purported gender egalitarianism in the prelapsarian Tamil homeland. Nedunceliyan, who later became the education minister of Tamil Nadu, insisted that the civilization spread from South India to the Indus Valley and Sumerand subsequently, to “Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain and other places”. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Located off the coast of Japan. However, modern-day scholars argue such a continent could not have existed, and the theory is rendered obsolete after the continental drift theory.

A Government of Tamil Nadu college text book stated that the Dravidians of Kumari Kandam had migrated to the Mediterranean region after the submergence of their continent; later, they migrated back to India via the Himalayan passes.

15 Things you should know about the lost continent of Kumari Kandam

In a footnote in this work, he mentioned Ernst Haeckel ‘s Asia hypothesiswhich theorized that the humans originated in a land now submerged in the Indian Ocean. Most European and American geologists dated Lemuria’s disappearance to a period before the emergence of modern humans.


The lost land was depicted as a peninsula, similar to the present-day Indian peninsula. About years after the establishment of Egyptology as an academic field, there still appears to be no agreement between scholars on the function of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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Kumari Kandam: Mythical Lost ‘Virgin Continent’ And History Of Tamil People Shrouded In Mystery

Abinayaa wrote on 29 October, – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Desertification is a serious problem facing numerous countries in the world today. The 20th century Tamil writers came up with various theories to explain the etymology of “Kumari Kandam” or “Kumari Nadu”.

We need to be aware of this and err on the side of restraint not skepticism. Savariroyan Pillai, writing a few years later, described Kumari Kandam as a seat of learning and culture. Lemuria and Kumari Kandam.