In Indu Sundaresan’s lush historical romance, The Twentieth Wife, we read of Mumtaz Mahal’s aunt, Mehrunnisa, a woman known to Indian history as Nur. Indu Sundaresan is an Indian-American author of historical fiction. Contents. 1 Career; 2 Personal; 3 Awards; 4 Works; 5 References; 6 External links. Career[ edit]. Her first novel The Twentieth Wife is about how a young widow named. Written by Indu Sundaresan Unfortunately, The Twentieth Wife is less than enthralling, for although its subjects are fascinating people, its setting is exotic, and.

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Even in a time when respectable women covered their faces to all but their beloved and held court behind a screen these twetieth made their presence known.

She is all of eight years old — and wholly unaware of the great price she and her family will pay for this dream.

Tell me the story, cut out the unnecessary minutes of what went on in court each day, and cut to the chase. A story built on generations of Empire and been done total justification — this certainly is rare piece of historical twengieth from feminist view. Definitely a woman ahead of her time.

This is the beginning of the story of a Persian family who was immigrating to an unknown country sunearesan to the loss of position due to a ruler change in Persia. The first book was fast to read, and very engaging. View all 7 comments. Soon — of course! In addition there are many words I do not understand.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As such, the writer who wishes to create a novel about this formidable woman has a daunting task: The history of Nur Jahan is cluttered with legend, gossip and propaganda. After enduring miscarriages, infidelities by her husband — who also betrays Salim — Mehrunnisa finally gets her wish: My Chinese review for the first two books: I can only hope she’s building to a triumphant finish but I’m too tired to care and I want to move on.


With three children, no money and no future, Ghias despairs of being able to rear her, but Mehrunnisa is rescued by Malik, a merchant, who not only befriends Ghias but finds a position for him at the imperial lndu in Lahore. It is a dream realized after many pages and much bloodshed as wars, marriages, and desperate intrigues intervene.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. How will they ever find husbands if they are too idnu

She transcends from a sumdaresan in a poor family, who cannot afford to feed her, to one of the most powerful women I am amazed at the kind of research that must have been put in to write this kind of work. Born in what is today Afghanistan as her parents were fleeing their native Persia en route to India, Mehrunnisa is abandoned soon after birth by her father Ghias. Women can’t find place in literary works if they don’t l This book talks about “Mehrunissa” or “Nur Jahan”, the most important woman of the Mugal empire.

The same copy from has now passed many hands.

And the little suffering tossed Mehrunnissa’s way never succeeded in winning this reader over. Lovers of the genre will appreciate it. One woman personified this and mesmerized Prince Salim crowned Emperor Jahangir as the flawless beauty Mehrunissa.

I finished reading sjndaresan book quite some time ago back in and it left quite a deep impact on me and the way I see things.


Nisa fascinated me and I thought her a strong woman for the times. And make it romantic if that’s what it should be! Mehrunnissa is to be given in marriage to Ali Quli, a loutish Persian wief. The author neatly builds the character Mehrunisa, very neatly that there were no heroic strings attached to her characterization, no super powers, nothing extraordinary!


I am inru at times But after all is said and done, he does become emperor and — get this — proves to be a strong, responsible ruler.

I only wonder why they couldn’t do better covers for the books.

She has an MS in operations research and an MA in economics. Click on a plot link to find similar books! She came into the world in the yearto the howling accompaniment o An teentieth seventeenth-century epic of grand passion and adventure, this debut novel tells the captivating story of one of India’s most legendary and wice empresses — a woman whose brilliance and determination trumped myriad obstacles, and whose love shaped the course of the Infu empire.

Aug 23, Ariela rated it it was amazing. They share holy pure love-filled passionate kisses, but alas, destiny and plot machinations have other plans.

But Indu has taken the boring and tough job and made her way to that bygone era. I enjoyed this book for it’s fairy-tale-like love story and the history behind it.

The Twentieth Wife Book Summary and Study Guide

Is this novel related to that legend? The descriptions are detailed but sometime this detailing brings monotony in reading.

I bought the damn audiobook so I will continue. Nov 13, Gale rated it really liked it.

Detailed Review Summary of The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan

To me, it was a dressed-up Harlequin and not a particularly good one. That should tell you something. Review of “Money of the Mind”. After an undergraduate degree in economics from India, Indu came to the U.