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So, there were really only three survivors-Lot and his two daughters. Her pleasure lay in turning them both shaiikh of her house and making Abraham abandon them in a desert.

An expression of this urge is found in the dominance-hierarchies found in domestic fowl, birds, baboons, bumble bees, crabs, etc.

The Good Lord Himself became impatient with these people. Therefore, the cause of wrong-doing does not exist there: Members of the gubernatorial class have realised the value of fear, and used it masterfully. If a houri looks down from her abode in heaven onto the earth, the whole distance shall be filled with light and fragrance In a flash of sagacious thinking, someone thought of the rejuvenating power of feminine touch.

Of course, they were haughty and powerful but they caught the disease of divinity in Egypt where every Pharaoh was believed to be the incarnation of God. Holding Zainab’s hand at the same time is a violation of her rights. According to the Jewish mythology, Adam was the whaikh of mankind but his progeny met near extinction when Noah was about years old.

Islam – The Arab Imperialism (Anwar Shaikh) February-March,

It is crystal clear that Muhammad was not bom guided. So the following verse was revealed: Prophethood seems to be a close variation of the Indian idolatry: Original writing only, please. One can raise several other points on the issue but it ought to be enough shaimh the thinking mind.

Apparently, it signifies monotheism existence of One God but as Allah, along with His angels, worships the Prophet, it is Muhammad, who tthe the only God. Anwar Shaikh born Then, this land that had become indifferent to the vicissitudes of history owing to a very long period of prosperity and plentitude, was attracted by more Islamic predators, who rushed in through the Khaiber Pass jslam loot her wealth, dishonour her daughters and crush her ethos that had stood the test of time despite its proneness to physical comforts and spiritual mirages such as ahinsa.


Aisha, the Prophet’s youngest wife said, “I have not seen anyone in such a state of agony in death-bed as was the Holy Prophet” Hadith no. Abdullah bin Ubayy became their leader. It goes without saying that Muhammad used to visit Kaaba for the same purpose as did his family members, who were pagans, and are roasting shaikj hell for their disbelief His fatherly uncle, Abu Talib, according to Hadith no.

Anwar Shaikh

In fact, Prophethood is the tool of Dominance-Urge, which goads a person to seek the highest possible position in a social or political hierarchy. The Egyptians were the first to yield to this demand, followed by the Greeks, Persians and other conquered nations.

This is a fiction. Zaid and Zainab One is surprised to note that there is no such thing as adoption of sons and daughters in Islam though it claims to be the perfect way of life.

A better example is provided by the “lek behaviour” of animals. Then follow not caprice, so as to swerve; for if you twist or turn, God is aware of the things you do”. In return for this favour, God demands absolute submission, that is, man must worship the All-Mighty and live by his laws without ever questioning their purpose, validity and relevance.

As a matter of courtesy, the Prophet alighted, and after greeting him and his companions, he recited certain portions from the Koran and invited them to accept the Faith that he preached. The Prophet Muhammad 20 Chapter 3. How could such a person be the Light of God to serve as the source of creation? What Muhammad did was a political exercise to woo the rest of the hypocrites.


It is all politics. Since polarity is the law of nature, the concept of free will, which means moral choice and the liberty to act accordingly, must also have an antithesis.

Anwar Shaikh’s Islam, the Arab Imperialism – Anwar Shaikh – Google Books

They hypocrites are the enemy; so beware of them. Yet the waters of sodomy, instead of subsiding, have been rising steadily to become the whipping waves in modern times for assuming the form of a privileged homosexuality under the umbrella of “humanism”.

From now on, he inherits me and I inherit him”. Thus, the Islamic theory of guidance has simply come to mean following Muhammad blindly: God through worship or prostration, but purpose of life is self-elevation, as indicated by free will. On the strength srab this wording, some annotators have remarked that Zaid, knowing the Prophet’s desire, had offered to divorce Zainab in his 25 favour, but the Prophet told him to keep her, and with a view to keeping appearance, added “fear God” as if Zaid was doing an ungodly thing.

To you your religion and to me my religion. In a small treatise as this, it is not possible to examine careers of all the major Semitic Prophets. Invitation to seduce is certainly the most submissive behaviour which the dominant relishes.

The Prophet’s wives did not like Omar’s interference and told him to mind his own business. According to the Koran, “God admitted Lot into his mercy; gave him judgement and knowledge, and he was one of the righteous” The Prophets Mecca, Medina and Taif, enjoyed a high status owing to their grip on national trade and commerce.