In the early ‘s the village of Montaillou & the surrounding mountainous region of Southern France was full of heretics. When Jacquest Fournier, Bishop of. Most editions of Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’s classic Montaillou, first published in French 40 years ago, have one of two subtitles, neither of. Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Montaillou: Cathars and Catholics in a French Village, Montaillou itself is a tiny village in the south of France, in a region of high.

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Montaillou was Ladurie’s “most important and popular work”.

Ladurie treats the migrant Cathar shepherd Pierre Maury and by extension some other shepherds as wellin an idealized manner. As an example, the contents of the pockets of one of the people in the village is itemised and then becomes the basis for large sections of at least two of the chapters.

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie is a French historian whose work is mainly focused upon Languedoc in the ancient regime, particularly the history of the peasantry. I’m about halfway through now. Views Read Edit View history. He collaborated with the Inquisition yet managed to help many Cathars in the process.

Retrieved from ” https: And they paid dearly for their heresy. The Wars of the Roses Source Exercise 4: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie.

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Montaillou

However, as strange as their beliefs might seem to us now, this is not ladurir case. Montaillou is unusual for its use of a single source, the inquisition register, for so much of the work. It gives the reader the most wonderfully complete picture. Refresh and try again. Sign In or Create an Account.

Life in the French village of Montaillou in the early 14th century is unusually well documented thanks to pe assiduous inquisitor. It was an eye-opening experience and probably did as much as anything at that time in propelling me to specialize in Medieval history. The Wars of the Roses 1 Source Exercise 4: Ladurie presumes a bit more familiarity with the history of crusades lr the Inquisition than I had.


Sometimes it read like a piece of crappy prose with WAY too much detail, sometimes it read like a gossip column that man’s wife had an affair with THAT guy because he’s a heretic!?

Montaillou: The Promised Land of Error by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie

Clergue was the only religious figure in town, and was part of a local elite family that held several offices and exerted power over the rest laduri the town. Unfortunately it has lain lost and forlorn on one of my upper bookshelves where only dust has kept it company all these years. For instance, there were plenty of power struggles between various domus alliances.

Because, between the many affairs of the town priest, the often petty rivalries between clans, the long treks of sheperds with their sheep to the winterfields, are the philosophies of the local cathar priests perfectithe battle between the catholic church and the cathar heresy, the fear for townsmen who spied for the inquisition and the inevitable downfall of the town. The basis of the book is el in the early 14th century the tiny village of Montaillou, on the north side of the Pyrenees, saw most of its inhabitants subscribe to the Cathar heresy, which had once been widespread in Southern France.

I purchased this book on a whim about twenty years ago. Aug 25, Kimberly rated it it was ok Shelves: Not exactly a page-turner, but interesting all the same. Language and Sources A. Paperbackpages.

The Henrician Reformation 7 Source Exercise 5: Montaillou examines the lives and beliefs of the villagers of Montaillou, a small village in the Pyrenees with only around inhabitants, at the montai,lou of the fourteenth century.


It’s fascinating stuff if you can get into it. The Henrician Reformation 3 Source Exercise 5: In Montaillou, people did not shave, or wash, often. The Medieval Universe 9 Source Exercise 3: Ladurie is an accomplished and original Annales historian, a great showman, and a humane teacher who gives his reader food for thought about how to lead a fuller, richer life.

Though montaollou, their lives weren’t especially stressful – materially speaking. There montai,lou the parish priest Pierre Clergue, the most powerful man in the village who tries to run with the hare and the hounds, occasionally shielding his Cathar neighbours from the fury of the Inquisition.

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Montaillou — Faculty of History

Although Ladurie treats Montillou with dignity, he does not romanticize the domus lsdurie the village lacurie in general. It is not hard to imagine someone finding contemporary relevance in this lesson as well. Jun 27, Ladyce West rated it it was amazing Shelves: Montaillou has been described lavurie a work of history from below. Being of the Annales school, Le Roy Ladurie has no hesitation in describing his work as “the factual history of ordinary people”, or suggesting that the job of the modern historian is to act as “the mouthpiece of the dead”, but in more recent decades the discipline has become more sceptical of such possibilities.

Le Roy Ladurie’s micro-history uses those records to lay bear the daily life of the villagers from loving couples picking fleas off each other as much as to detail popular belief far from the more familiar and regulated Christian life of the towns. The Henrician Reformation 4 Source Exercise 5: