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Enterovirus 71 infection and neurological complications

A higher proportion of females MRI findings of neurological complications The characteristic Ek findings of EV71 brainstem encephalitis are high signal intensities on T2-weighted and fluid-attenuated inversion recovery images in the posterior region of the pons, medulla oblongata, midbrain, and bilateral dentate nuclei of the cerebellum Fig.

Recently, 3 companies have completed phase III clinical trials of inactivated EV71 whole-virus vaccines. Milrinone is a drug for congestive heart failure, and has both inotropic and vasodilator properties This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

All of the authors helped prepare the manuscript. An apparently new enterovirus isolated from patients with disease of the central nervous system.

BJ and JW helped with the data collection and field operations. Enterovirus 71 isolated from cases of epidemic poliomyelitis-like disease in Bulgaria.

However, the promotion and approval of these vaccines in various countries are problems yet to be resolved. Chinese J Neuroimmunol 1999 ; 4: The patient presented with acute motor weakness of the left lower extremity along with enterovirus 71 infection.

Update on the development of enterovirus 71 vaccines. Association between metabolic syndrome and mild cognitive impairment and its emm difference in a Chinese community elderly population. Lancet Neurol ; 9: Table 4 Association between the prevalence, treatment and control of hypertension and the prevalence of MCI by age.


National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Sixth, misclassification bias may exist in the present study.

Enterovirus 71 infection and neurological complications

Journal List Korean J Pediatr v. Am J Med Sci. Admittedly, the present study was limited by its small sample size; thus, a larger sample size is required to detect the association between hypertension control and the prevalence of MCI among treated hypertensive patients in future research.

To view llei copy of this license, visit http: Emerg Health Threats J. Further prospective studies with larger sample sizes are required to examine the association between the prevalence, awareness and treatment of hypertension and cognitive performance in the elderly population in China. Clinical features and risk factors of pulmonary oedema after enterovirusrelated hand, foot, and mouth disease.

Clinical and etiological characteristics of enterovirus related diseases during a recent 2-year period in Korea. Less Alzheimer disease neuropathology in medicated hypertensive than nonhypertensive persons. For the prevalence of MCI, both male and female participants showed trends that llei similar to those of the general population, but the differences were not significant in females. Since the outbreak ,ei the enterovirus 71 EV71 infection in Malaysia inlarge epidemics of EV71 have occurred in the Asia-Pacific region.

The baseline characteristics of the participants are shown in Table 1. However, among the treated hypertensive patients, there was no difference in the prevalence of MCI between the patients who reached and those who did not reach their treatment goal.

Clinical spectrum of enterovirus 71 infection in children in southern Taiwan, with an emphasis on le complications. However, the difference between the treated hypertensive patients who achieved and those who did not achieve their treatment goal was not significant. It is worth noting that the two ORs ORs for the prevalence of MCI in treated hypertensive patients compared with all untreated hypertensive patients and in patients with controlled hypertensive compared with those with non-controlled hypertension regardless of treatment obtained throughout the main analyses were similar.


A practical method for grading the cognitive state of patients li the clinician. Genetic analysis of enterovirus 71 isolated from fatal and non-fatal cases of hand, foot and mouth disease during an ,ei in Taiwan, Conclusions Epidemics of EV71 infection have caused many fatalities from serious neurological complications in the Asia-Pacific region sinceand have leei a serious public health problem in these areas. With the anticipated increase in the elderly population, a higher prevalence of hypertension is emerging.

Moreover, an optimal treatment approach must be developed to prevent the expected social and disease burden. EV71 brainstem encephalitis has been defined as an illness characterized by myoclonus, ataxia, nystagmus, oculomotor palsies, and bulbar palsy, ed various combinations of these, with or without confirmation by neuroimaging, in conjunction with virus isolation from at least one site throat swab, stool, cerebrospinal fluid [CSF], or other 29 Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Am J Hypertens ; In a meta-analysis, Chang-Quan et al. Data collection and measurement Each participant completed a standardized questionnaire through a face-to-face ldi.

Clinico-radiological spectrum in enterovirus 71 infection involving the central nervous system in children. Cerebral small vessel disease: